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Fans fall in love with John Boyega choice of traditional clothing at Star Wars premiere

STAR WARS actor John Boyega has delighted fans with his choice of outfit for last night’s European premiere of the latest film in the franchise.

Boyega, whose parents are from Nigeria, attended the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere on Wednesday with his family and they all wore traditional dress.

The 27-year-old plays former Stormtrooper Finn, who joins the resistance as a rebel fighter, in the latest continuation of the franchise created by George Lucas.

Boyega, who was born in Peckham, south London, chose to rep his Nigerian roots on the final leg of the film’s press tour with an electric blue agbada, coordinating with the premiere’s bright blue carpet, and a blue fila.

The electric blue and sunshine yellow of the Boyega and his family’s matching outfits were a hit with fans online – and not simply because they looked incredible.

Journalist Ateh Jewel was among those that praised Boyega for forgoing a predictable tux or suit in favour of traditional dress.

“I love that @johnboyega wore a traditional Naija outfit to the red carpet of Star Wars. Growing up the thought of wearing traditional dress left me feeling mortified and ‘bush’. For me it was something to hide and I never saw the power or swag that John is pulling off,” she wrote in a caption on Instagram.

“Culture, identity and acknowledging who you are is so important,” she added. “Well done John! There are generations of kids looking at you feeling proud to be Nigerian and British and a 41-year-lady in the Cotswolds as well. Have it!”

Another fan shared how meaningful seeing Boyega take pride in his heritage was to them personally. “John Boyega brought out the agbada to the London premiere?? For a Nigerian kid raised on Star Wars, this means everything to me. Representation matters. Thank you.”



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